Quaero verum


There is an abundance of scholarly literature and two centuries of church history to support the Catholic faith the study of which is daunting to the average layperson. Many good Catholics find themselves at a loss in effectively defending the faith. Meanwhile, missionaries from LDS churches are sent door to door with canned arguments designed to garner membership. These individuals are often well meaning and sincere, but non- the-less in error.

I have often felt compelled to dialogue with the young people who come to my door, wanting to present to them a faith worth their zeal. I have learned however, that to do so effectively, one must understand the LDS belief system and be prepared to gently weigh it against historical fact, biblical truth, and catholic theology. In her Booklet Christendom and the Total Apostasy, Nicola Martinez provides the information and approach for doing just that.

In only 26 pages of simple, straightforward logic, the author presents a case that was born of much study and a sincere desire to reach young LDS missionaries seeking truth. Arguments are made so respectfully, that this booklet might even be offered to the missionary for reading without fear of giving offense. I highly recommend this booklet to anyone who wishes to dialogue effectively with Mormon friends, missionaries, or loved ones. -- M.R.S., New Mexico

Upon completing Nic[ola] Martinez's book on the "Great Apostasy", I realized that this may be a little book but it packs a POWERFUL PUNCH. . . .[Martinez] makes every attempt to have her writing remain unbiased, thus allowing the reader to come to his or her own conclusions regarding the subject of whether or not a great apostasy occurred.

Personally, I have studied to some extent on the subject, yet found her booklet to be extremely enlightening and informative, taking angles that I had not considered. [Martinez] obviously studied and researched the subject at some length prior to prayerfully considering what to write on the pages of this book, making it something tangible to place in the hands of the missionaries who may come knocking on one's door.

I truly enjoyed the booklet, have given it to friends, and would gladly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more on the topic. I do so hope that in the future [Martinez] will see fit to write on similar subjects that are of interest in the progress towards our Heavenly goal. -- T.H., New Mexico

Nicola Martinez is quite right that everything in the LDS Church hinges on Joseph Smith's allegation of a 'Great Apostasy'. . .

She presents her opposing hypothesis with a fair and reasoned approach to the subject using a sound process of logical progression. She lays a firm foundation for the Christian position . . . Most inspiring is her beautiful explanation of the Catholic Church's enduring doctrine of the Holy Eucharist as an example of the Church's faithfulness throughout the ages.

In all her writing, Ms. Martinez is to be commended for taking pains to not offend or insult those on the other side of the debate. This work will provide a valuable addition to the efforts of those who are working quietly to invite those sheep that have heard 'other voices' to return to life-giving sweetness of Christ's complete Truth, found only in an unbroken Apostolic teaching Tradition going back 2000 years -- the Roman Catholic Church. -- C. S., Utah (Former Mormon)

After reading your pamphlet, it's readily apparent that the Great Apostasy never occurred. I think you've proved that clearly. . .I enjoyed my reading. I think you're developing an effective tool here; one that can fulfill the purpose for which intended. -- Fr. J.K., (Roman Catholic Priest)

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